Japan Xball League2020

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Round 1/4 チーム順位

Team Ranking Matches Wins Losses Game Win Percentage Shot Percentage
1 Aichi Regulus
3 3 0 5 25
2 Algol Chiba
3 1 2 0 -1
3 Vega Saitama
3 1 2 -2 -12
4 Kanagawa Sirius
3 1 2 -3 -12

Team & Player Profiles

  • Kanagawa Sirius

    • Yusuke Inuduka

    • Yuto Suzuki

    • Jun Sakaguchi

  • Vega Saitama

    • Trashbox

    • Naoki Kaneda

    • Zac Matsumura

  • Algol Chiba

    • Sho Mizusawa

    • Sora Sakaguchi

    • Shinya Kishimoto

  • Aichi Regulus

    • Ryu Mizusawa

    • Shusaku Kuga

    • Taro Okada

HADO Xball Overview

HADO Xball is a sport that lets players strap on head-mounted displays and arm sensors to test their skills in augmented reality. Similar to soccer or basketball, two teams of two take the court to compete by trying to shoot a ball of energy into the goal behind their opponents while taking advantage of both offensive and defensive strategies.

Check out the rules of HADO Xball in the video below.

Japan Xball League 2020 Overview

Four teams compete in four rounds each season with each round consisting of two matches a week over three weeks. HADO Xball ranks teams by their total wins, set win ratio, and total points made. At the beginning of each round, athletes also go through team tryouts where coaches draft players and restructure team rosters.

Check out the video below for details about Japan Xball League 2020.

New Spectator Experience

Cheer to Give Your Team Advantage

Cheer on your favorite team in the cheer off between sets during the match. The keyword designated for each team fills the YouTube comment section and is counted to arm the most popular team with five Xbombs while their opponents get only one. This new system heightens the spectator experience by giving viewers a direct line into the game that is able to swing the flow of each match.

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